Norge på Langs, Norway

The Art of Not Succeeding

‘It’s never too late to turn (det er aldrig for sent å snu)’ is one of the best known mountain safety commandments of the Norwegian tourist association (DNT). Knowing when to turn and when to continue takes training and experience. It’s a decision-taking process that matures over time. Reactions to our decision to stop crossing… Continue reading The Art of Not Succeeding

Norge på Langs, Norway

Polar Night

On the first of January we left Abisko for the King's Trail, loaded with 22 days of food and fuel, enough to reach Sulitjelma in a single push. On January 4 we were back in Abisko, defeated by a wall of snow, having had a storm over our heads yet again, disquieted by signs of… Continue reading Polar Night


Walking on thin ice

Hours upon hours, days upon days, even weeks, I spent wondering what New Zealand looked like before humankind lessened it forever. Lush forests that are still related to another era of the world, inhabited by creatures as old as the dinosaurs like the tuatara. An entire ecosystem based on birds: grazing birds, pollinating birds, predatory… Continue reading Walking on thin ice

Te Araroa

Caught in the storm – Two Thumbs Track

After crossing the Rangitata river we immediately started going up Two Thumbs Track. We wanted make it as far as possible that day, to Royal Hut, right before Stag Saddle, so we would be in pole position to get across if the opportunity arose. The terrain was more challenging than we anticipated. The section between… Continue reading Caught in the storm – Two Thumbs Track

Te Araroa

Now that we’ve come to think about it, they did have a lot of sh*tty weather in The Lord of the Rings too!

Much more than a physical struggle this trail is becoming a mind game, challenging our mental fitness beyond our physical capabilities. After walking for such a sustained period of time you are so fit that you will keep walking without problems as long as your head wants you to. The biggest challenge is to keep… Continue reading Now that we’ve come to think about it, they did have a lot of sh*tty weather in The Lord of the Rings too!