Norge på Langs, Norway, Trails


The second of March announced itself brilliantly, with a morning sun rising into a pale blue sky and not a breeze of wind moving the air. It was a stark contrast to the storms that battered us the week before, blowing off roofs like they were mere sheets of paper and even relocating entire cabins.… Continue reading Narvikfjell

Norge på Langs, Norway

Polar Night

On the first of January we left Abisko for the King's Trail, loaded with 22 days of food and fuel, enough to reach Sulitjelma in a single push. On January 4 we were back in Abisko, defeated by a wall of snow, having had a storm over our heads yet again, disquieted by signs of… Continue reading Polar Night

Norge på Langs, Norway, Trails

To Olderfjord

While setting up camp on the south side of Nordkapstunnelen we noticed that the weather forecast had changed. Initially we had a 10 day good weather window reported, but all of the sudden a storm was bound to blow in during the night. At around 2 A.M. the winds picked up. Our tent, pitched on… Continue reading To Olderfjord


A Storming Finish: Peaceful Bay to Albany

    The Bibbulmun section running alongside the southwestern edge of the Australian continent, where the roaring forties relentlessly crash onto the shoreline, is in my opinion by far the most scenic one. There's a beauty in walking by the ocean, especially one as wild and untamed as this one between us and the Antarctic, especially… Continue reading A Storming Finish: Peaceful Bay to Albany

Te Araroa

Caught in the storm – Two Thumbs Track

After crossing the Rangitata river we immediately started going up Two Thumbs Track. We wanted make it as far as possible that day, to Royal Hut, right before Stag Saddle, so we would be in pole position to get across if the opportunity arose. The terrain was more challenging than we anticipated. The section between… Continue reading Caught in the storm – Two Thumbs Track