Bibbulmun, Te Araroa

One year of through hiking

Finally I'm starting to come to the end of going through all the photographs we took during a year of hiking and traveling in New Zealand and Australia. During the entire 4500km across New Zealand, Stewart Island and Australia we made self-portraits, inspired by other hikers who had done the same along the PCT. And… Continue reading One year of through hiking

Te Araroa

Battle for the Birds

Once upon a time, New Zealand hosted a variety of bird life unseen anywhere else on the planet. The birds were everywhere and everything, in all different sizes, shapes and colours, filling the forests with songs so loud they could be heard from miles offshore. Today, many of the forests we walked through are silent. On… Continue reading Battle for the Birds

Te Araroa

The Bonus Round: Stewart Island

I felt empty after reaching Bluff, purposeless, and after two days of sitting still in Invercargill somewhat confused as well. Why are we not walking anymore? Regardless of the weather forecast we booked a flight to Stewart Island. We all wanted to go. Marylène and Patrick joined in the enthusiam. They would only come along… Continue reading The Bonus Round: Stewart Island

Te Araroa

To the Southern Ocean

One last resupply. One last heavy pack loaded with 9 days of delicious food. We rather took it on the safe side for the final rough tracks with unpredictable weather and tired bodies. Up and down, up and down, up and down we went, until we stood on the beach. The TA challenge is not… Continue reading To the Southern Ocean

Te Araroa

Routeburn, Mavora Lakes & Mararoa River tracks

A little detour with a great result. Routeburn, one of New Zealand's nine Great Walks, is officially not a part of Te Araroa but connects so perfectly to its route that we couldn't resist the temptation of covering it. Patrick joined in too. Because, really, what are an additional 54km when you've almost walked 3000?… Continue reading Routeburn, Mavora Lakes & Mararoa River tracks

Te Araroa

Motatapu Alpine Track

Along the lines of a historical Maori route Te Araroa winds its way from Wanaka to Queenstown. Motatapu is a fantastic track. It is not characterized by your typical dramatic mountain landscape - glaciers, snowy peaks, blue lakes - yet there is something inherently impressive about it. It is different from any other mountainous place… Continue reading Motatapu Alpine Track