Out in the woods (Norge på langs) Planning & Logistics

 1. Season It is most common to start walking the length of Norway in spring or summer, though winter crossings have been made before. We plan to start in the second week of October. We don’t expect snow from the start though we estimate that we will need to change to a winter kit after … Continue reading Out in the woods (Norge på langs) Planning & Logistics


Bibbulmun Planning & Logistics

  The Bibbulmun Track is an achieveable goal for most people wanting to embark on a through-hiking adventure. If you are looking for a more back-country version of the camino, without losing too much comfort, this is the perfect track for you. If you are out to roam across wild lands, there are probably better … Continue reading Bibbulmun Planning & Logistics

Te Araroa Planning & Logistics

Preparing for Te Araroa might seem like a daunting experience, especially if it’s your first through-hike. Yet it is not as hard as it seems, and the key rule is to remember that most things will explain and solve themselves when you are out there. The best piece of advice we’ve read before starting was to … Continue reading Te Araroa Planning & Logistics