Gear Reviews

Salewa Women’s Mountain Trainer

Having walked Te Araroa in boots it was clear that I needed a lighter shoe to walk long-distances, unlike PJ who likes their support and sturdiness. I like more air, and less weight on my feet which also puts more strain on the back. I figured that a lighter shoe would make me more agile… Continue reading Salewa Women’s Mountain Trainer

Gear Reviews

Helsport Reinsfjell Superlight 2

Reinsfjell is a tent model just on the edge between a three- and four-season one.  After finishing Te Araroa with the Helsport Storsylen tent we wanted something lighter, especially since we were going to Australia next, without compromising too much on durability and comfort. We wanted exactly the same for our trip across the Nepal Himalaya… Continue reading Helsport Reinsfjell Superlight 2

Gear Reviews

Norrøna Bitihorn dri1 jacket

As New Zealand is notorious for its heavy and consistent rainfall we thought that not even the sturdiest of rain gear would keep us dry. Nonetheless, with the promise of excellent waterproofness, breathability combined with its low weight and small pack size we went for the Norrøna Bitihorn dri1 jackets. Specs The Bitihorn dri1 is… Continue reading Norrøna Bitihorn dri1 jacket

Gear Reviews

Helsport Storsylen X-Trem 2+

  For our hike across New Zealand we discussed our options with Helsport and settled for their Storsylen X-Trem 2+ 4-season dome tent. We wanted a sturdy, freestanding tent that could easily be set up in all environments we walked through. Even though this tent is not ideal for thru-hiking due to its weight we've… Continue reading Helsport Storsylen X-Trem 2+

Te Araroa

Reading, weighing and calculating: getting ready for the 3000

Preparing for Te Araroa is taking up most of our free time these days. With 2,5 months to go before departure, we are trying to get a good picture of what is waiting for us and how we can deal with it best. A very important part of that is to find an acceptable balance… Continue reading Reading, weighing and calculating: getting ready for the 3000