Mushing Gear List

The key to keeping warm in the extreme cold is layers, layers and more layers. Starting from the 3 layer principle, we always wear a base, a middle, and a shell layer to protect us. On days where temperatures drop below -30ºC or even -40ºC, this can be extended to 5 or 6 layers, with multiple bases and multiple midlayers. Increasing the amount of layers is not a problem as long as they do not become a tight fit. The more air we can trap between our body and the cold, the warmer we will be. Layers are applied to all parts of the body.

Natural materials such as wool and down work better than synthetics. Nature has created beautiful insulation materials and we use those to protect ourselves. However, on hard training runs in deep snow involving a lot of kicking and running synthetic materials are preferable over down. Through sweating down can get wet and lose its insulating capacities.

We constantly adjust which ones of these items we use by keeping in mind the situation, if we are handling or will be standing on the sled for hours, the temperature, and the terrain we will be driving on. The key is to find a combination that is warm enough but will not make you sweaty or wet. Only 30% of keeping us warm depends on which gear we have, the other 70% on how we choose to use that gear.


  • Base layers, wool: Devold Expedition Woman Zip Neck, Devold Expedition Long John’s // Devold Alnes half zip neck, Devold Alnes Long John’s // Woolpower Zip Turtleneck, Woolpower Crewneck, Woolpower Long John’s Women // Aclima Anàrjokha Long John’s
  • Middle Layer, wool: Aclima Warmwool Hood Sweater
  • Middle Layer, down/synthetic: Haglöfs L.I.M Q Essens Jacket // Marmot Ama Dablam jacket // Patagonia NanoPuff jacket
  • Shell Jacket: Fjällräven Iceland Anorak
  • Heavy Weather Jackets: Arcteryx Ceres SV
  • Middle Layer, bottom: Bergans Innerdalen Light Insulated Pants // Mountain Hardwear Compressor Pants
  • Shell Pants: Arcteryx Stinger Bib
  • Beanies, Buffs, Gloves: Kari Traa Rosa Beanie // Icebreaker Flexi Chute // Icebreaker Apex Chute // Aclima Lightwool Headover // Aclima Doublewool Neck Gaiter
  • Gloves: Icebreaker Apex Liner Gloves, Aclima Wrist Gaiter // Hestra Guide Gloves
  • Down and Shell Mittens: CAMP HotMit’N and CAMP DryMit’N
  • Socks: Smartwool Hiking Liner Crew // Smartwool Phd Outdoor medium crew // Smartwool Phd Ski crew // Smartwool Mountaineering Extra Heavy Crew // Aclima Alpine
  • Shoes: Topaz Seal Skin boots


  • Base layers, wool: Devold Active Long Johns, Devold Active Zip Neck // Aclima Hotwool Long Pants 230G // Aclima Hotwool Polo with Zip 230G, Aclima Anárjohka Sweater
  • Middle Layer, wool: Aclima Warmwool Hood Sweater // Aclima Hotwool Jacket 400G
  • Middle Layer, down: Haglöfs L.I.M Essens jacket // Patagonia NanoPuff jacket
  • Shell Jacket: Nørrona Trollveggen Pro
  • Heavy Weather Down Jacket: Bergans Fonna down jacket
  • Middle Layer, bottom: Mountain Hardwear Compressor Pants
  • Shell Pants: Bergans Storebjørn Salopette
  • Beanies, Buffs: Buff Headwear // Fjällräven Värmland Heater // Aclima Jib, // Aclima WarmWool Balaclava Civil
  • Gloves: Icebreaker Liner Gloves // Ejendals Tegera 295, 5 // Etta High Line Winter Glove // Hestra Guiding Glove
  • Socks: Smartwool Hiking Liner Crew // Bridgedale Trekker // Aclima Warmwool // Aclima Hotwool // Aclima Alpine
  • Shoes: Luddan Høg
  • Overshoes: NEOS Navigator 5