We love to share our stories with others. We offer talks on our long-distance adventures in New Zealand and Nepal. We are especially keen on sharing our experiences from the Great Himalaya Trail. This is story inspires through tales of determination, persistence and team spirit.

Stories from the Trail: the Great Himalaya Trail is a 2 hours’ long presentation where we take you along on our journey through the Himalaya. We experienced illness, injury, navigational problems, altitude sickness and a near fatal accident at our highest point, 6180 masl. The obstacles were countless, and we remained unsure whether or not we would make until 3 days out from the finish. At the same time we were swept away by the power of the Himalaya, their elegance, and the unlimited hospitality of the people inhabiting these merciless mountains. It Is a lively, grasping and thrilling story, illustrated with stunning pictures of some of the most scenic mountain landscapes on the planet.

We are open to speak at outdoors events, outdoor shops, private gatherings, schools and many more. We adjust our stories to our crowd. For more information and inquiries, contact us through crossingaotearoa@gmail.com.

Upcoming events:

Ekstremsportveko Voss,  June 25