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Aarn Guiding Light Bodypack

Our story with Aarn starts on Te Araroa in New Zealand. When we first started encountering these packs we frowned at them with great skepticism, wondering how awkward it must be walking with those pockets on the front of your body. We didn’t really understand the point of it, and we decided we did not… Continue reading Aarn Guiding Light Bodypack

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Osprey Xena 85L Backpack

It took me a long time to decide which backpack would accompany me along Te Araroa. I read, again and again, about all the different brands and models they had. I went from outdoor shop to outdoor shop to check out what was there and what seemed useful. In the end I had narrowed it… Continue reading Osprey Xena 85L Backpack

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Aarn Peak Aspiration Bodypack

Soon after we arrived in New Zealand we laid eyes on the first hiker using an Aarn bodypack. We did not dare to ask him, Graeme/Graham he was called, if it wasn't very awkward and uncomfortable walking with those pockets in the front of the body. How could he manage all the scrambling without stumbling… Continue reading Aarn Peak Aspiration Bodypack

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Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XLite Large and ProLite Plus Regular

NeoAir X-Lite Large After spending approximately 7 months sleeping in a tent I have gained a new appreciation for beds, to quote Eef, " I love beds and sheets and pillows". Nonetheless, I must say that if I can't sleep in a bed my second choice would definitely be the Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XLite sleeping mattress.… Continue reading Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XLite Large and ProLite Plus Regular

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Salewa Women’s Mountain Trainer

Having walked Te Araroa in boots it was clear that I needed a lighter shoe to walk long-distances, unlike PJ who likes their support and sturdiness. I like more air, and less weight on my feet which also puts more strain on the back. I figured that a lighter shoe would make me more agile… Continue reading Salewa Women’s Mountain Trainer

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Helsport Reinsfjell Superlight 2

  Reinsfjell is a tent model just on the edge between a three- and four-season one.  After finishing Te Araroa with the Helsport Storsylen tent we wanted something lighter, especially since we were going to Australia next, without compromising too much on durability and comfort. We wanted exactly the same for our trip across the Nepal… Continue reading Helsport Reinsfjell Superlight 2

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Norrøna Bitihorn dri1 jacket

As New Zealand is notorious for its heavy and consistent rainfall we thought that not even the sturdiest of rain gear would keep us dry. Nonetheless, with the promise of excellent waterproofness, breathability combined with its low weight and small pack size we went for the Norrøna Bitihorn dri1 jackets. Specs The Bitihorn dri1 is… Continue reading Norrøna Bitihorn dri1 jacket

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Ahnu Coburn hiking boots

These boots were purchased in Palmerston North. There I found myself in dire need of new boots before entering the first serious mountain range - the Tararuas. I read a few reviews praising their grip, support, protection etc. After having tried them on I felt that they would do the job well. Boot Specs. Upper:… Continue reading Ahnu Coburn hiking boots

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Salewa Men’s Mtn Trainer Mid GTX Boots

After having destroyed my feet in the Ahnu Coburn boots I was determined to find a boot that would give my feet the support, love and care that they desperately needed. What I found was the Salewa Mtn Trainer Mid GTX. Boot Specs Upper: 1.6 - 1.8 mm suede leather Insole: nylon, mid - stiff… Continue reading Salewa Men’s Mtn Trainer Mid GTX Boots

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Crispi Skarven hiking boots

What is it that turns a hiker into a happy hiker? Perhaps it's that special kind of chocolate, powerbar, that one tune that always gets you going or those delicious Trident noodles for dinner. We all have our own yearnings, but I do think every hiker agrees that having happy feet is one of the… Continue reading Crispi Skarven hiking boots