My name is Evelyne, though most people know me as Eef. I grew up in one of Europe’s most densely populated countries: Belgium. Though I like my home country, I doubted my future there for a long time. Something about it was not right, and one day I was sure that I wouldn’t find what I was looking for at home. I needed change. I had to leave. I moved to Stockholm for my masters and found what I had been longing for, but never thought about in the crowds of Belgium: the great outdoors. When the time came to go back to Belgium I did not. I grew accustomed to living in proximity to a vast backcountry, and I could not miss that anymore.

I was about to finish my master’s in political science when I realised I was still not on the right track. I traveled north to spend my summer in the mountains of Swedish Lapland. That’s where I decided I would throw my life around and become a guide. The following autumn I left Stockholm to start working as a musher. During that first season in Lapland I met PJ, who had also decided to change the prospect of office jobs for something entailing a little more time outside. The following summer we moved to Flåm in the Norwegian fjords, enjoying as much time in the mountains as possible. Ever since we have been hiking and exploring together.

I walked long distance trails in New Zealand, Australia and Nepal; explored the mountains of Norway and Sweden, I’ve worked as a musher and a guide. I’ve been privileged to spend extended periods of time in so many beautiful and remote places. Welcome to Lost in the Hills, the place that holds the stories of our journeys and the best tips for long-distance mountain adventures.