Norway, Te Araroa

Training for the Long Pathway: Jostedalen and Folgefonna National Parks

To get ready for the 3060 kilometres we try to hike as much as we can. 3060 is not a small number, so when we are off from work we explore the wider region of southwest Norway. The mountain, glacier and fjord landscape around us provides excellent opportunities for some hard but very beautiful mountain tours. Two of my favourites have been Jostedalen and Folgefonna National Parks. On these hikes, we’ve done a total distance of 64 km with a total elevation difference of 7600 meters over 6 days of hiking. You can find the articles on our trips to both mountain ice caps here:

Jostedalen CA
Ice cave at Nigardsbreen, Jostedalen
Crossing Folgefonna CA
Crossing the Folgefonna glacier




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