The Joy of Beautiful Autumn Days

IMG_0997 (1)

Last weekend I followed one of my good friends and her family to their summerhouse nearby Valdemarsvik in Östgötaland. A great majority of the Swedish population lives in bigger or smaller cities and villages, and as a consequence the countryside offers plenty of space and old houses Swedes use as their summer residences. For someone coming from a country as densily populated as Belgium, this sounds like great luxury. In Sweden having a summerhouse is however a very common feature for a family.

IMG_1004 (1)

Anna’s house is lying in the forest, on top of a hill looking over the sea. It is amazingly quiet there and such a nice place for a cosy weekend. Quite exceptionally for this time of September, the weather this weekend was still amazing. Even though the trees are slowly turning yellow and fall is hanging in the air, it was warm and sunny enough to sit and eat outside during the day. When in the late afternoon we made a small boat tour through the archipelago of the region we were warm enough to regret not taking any swimming clothes with us. I did not have my camera with me (should have taken it, too bad) so the pictures you see are some shots taken with my phone, but since I really enjoyed being there I wanted to give you some images anyway.

IMG_0991 (1)

I believe not summer, but autumn is my favourite season. Autumn brings along such a nice kind of light which combined with all of the colours, just asks to put on your woollen sweater and go out. Upcoming Thursday I’ll be going to Uppsala for a course in mushroom-picking and soon enough Stockholms parks will be turning all yellow and red. Yes, this must be the best time of the year!



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